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*Please note:  State Series subscribers’ seats will remain consistent throughout the season.   Pick Three subscribers’ seats may vary based on the number of Pick Three packages sold and their selections.

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State Series-All Six Shows  $185.00, $165.00, $120.00

Pick Three-Three of the Six  $95.00, $85.00, $60.00

Enjoy savings off single ticket prices.  Reap the benefits of guaranteed seats each year, lost ticket replacement, exchange benefits, and more.  By subscribing to a State Theatre Season Package, you will enjoy our great shows in your favorite seats!

Subscription Renewal Deadline is August 2, 2019                                                                                                                Subscribers’ seats are not held after this date.
New Subscriptions on sale August 5, 2019

Single tickets on sale August 12, 2019

Subscription packages are discounted.  No other discounts apply to subscriptions.